where you come in

What better way to show us your smarts than to pull together your best brand-engagement idea for the new owner of Twinkies? Sell yourself to us by showing how you'd take the iconic Twinkies brand into the future.

You get to define “brand-engagement idea.” Your idea could be big, it could be small, but it better be yours. And you better believe it can move Twinkies forward (then we'll believe you too).

to apply

Provide the following four items via our online application by 11:59 pm (CDT) on March 29:

  • URL address for your Twinkies recommendation (presented via blog, YouTube, Slide Share, etc. – wherever you decide to post it on the Internet)
  • A “Dear new owners of Twinkies” statement
  • A “Dear Campbell Mithun, hire me because…” note
  • Resume

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